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Applying for Secondary School Places in 2021?



11th June 2021



28th May 2021



21st May 2021



14th May 2021



10th Sept 2021



24th Sept 2021



1st Oct 2021



8th Oct 2021



15th Oct 2021



22nd Oct 2021



5th Nov 2021



12th Nov 2021



19th Nov 2021



26th Nov 2021



3rd Dec 2021



10th Dec 2021



17th Dec 2021



7th Jan 2022



14th Jan 2022






Ofsted say...

"Pupils' behaviour is good and all groups of pupils make good progress."

Pupils say...

"We feel safe and happy in School."

Staff say...

"We are all working hard to assist all pupils in their learning journeys."

Parents say...

"Communication is good and we are happy our childrens' needs are met."


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